שבת ראש חודש - פרשת נח
Shabbat Rosh Chodesh - Parshat Noach
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Havdalah: 6:48

ראש חודש חשון תשע״ח 

 Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan 5778
October 21, 2017
Issue 5


Dear Parents,


Chodesh Tov! It was nice to get back into our routine and complete a five day week for the first time in a while.

Thank you in advance to Morah Sarah Richter for helping us to make our Shabbat meals meaningful, with her Shabbat Sparks presentation to second grade parents tomorrow night. Thank you to Ami and Lea Aharon for hosting this event. I am sure that you will find it engaging and substantive.


Thank you to the members of our Middle School debate team and newspaper group for representing SAR at City Hall this week, to advocate for the free lunch for all programs to include a kosher option--something that would benefit all of us. We are grateful to the Orthodox Union for bringing this to our attention and for all of their work to maximize funding to Jewish Day Schools. We will update you with any relevant developments.


Shabbat shalom and Chodesh tov,

Rabbi Binyamin Krauss




Click here for the English version of Daf Yomi: Parshat Noach
Click here for the Hebrew version of Daf Yomi: Parshat Noach

מזל טוב


Shai Goldberg-Kellman (Gr. 8)

Benny Neuwirth (Gr. 7)
Denni Schwartz (Gr. 6)
Ananya Silverman (Gr. 6)

If you would like a "Mazal tov" listed in the Chadashot for a new baby that is born in your family, please click here.


Open House for Prospective Parents

On Wednesday evening, we welcomed prospective parents to our open house so that they could get an overall view of what makes SAR so SpectAculaR.  They learned about SAR's mission and philosophy from the ELC through Middle School by attending sessions presented by our teachers, by hearing from administrators, guidance, a parent, and eighth grade students. Our guests also had the opportunity to participate in a STEM activity, to learn about our rich art and music program, and to attend a principal-led Q&A panel. Thank you to our current parent body for being our greatest ambassadors for SAR--thank you for partnering with us!


N4's Parshat Noach Science Experiment

Does an apple float? Does a magna tile sink? The children of N4 have been asking these types of questions all week! After learning about Noach's teyva and how it withstood 40 days and 40 nights of heavy rain because it could float in the water, the children were fascinated to explore what other things could float. During ma'agal, we discussed what floating and sinking means. 


Looking around the classroom for inspiration, each child found something to use in a "sink or float" test. All types of objects were chosen, including crayons, feathers, and blocks. After defining the word "prediction" and discussing each item as a group, the children made their guesses as to what would happen when they dropped their objects into our bucket of water. It was so much fun to find out if our ideas were correct! We then used a chart to display the results of our experiment. We even created our own floating teyvot just like Noach's, filled with floating animals, which can all be used as fun floating bath toy. Shabbat Shalom from N4!


Petting Zoo Visits SAR!

In honor of Parshat Noach, a petting zoo visited our ELC and 1st grade students this week. Our students had so much fun learning about and feeding the animals!



3rd Graders Love Scholastic News

Each week the third graders look forward to reading the latest issue of Scholastic News. During group discussions, our students are excited to share comments and opinions about topics. For instance, when learning about how quickly fads spread, many shared experiences with fidget spinners and slime.

As we read about current events around the world, we  integrate geography skills by locating the places on the United States or world map. When learning about goats in Morocco and robocops in Dubai, for example, students eagerly found each place on the proper continent. When studying about grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park, children were fascinated to learn how this national park is in three states (Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho).



Classroom Library Campaign

Donate to our Classroom Library 'Campaign'! We are on a mission to collect gently used children's books (early readers, novels and non-fiction) to enhance our ever-growing classroom libraries in Grades 1-5. If you have any books that you are ready to pass along, please drop them off at school and label them to the attention of Beth Pepper.



Voice and Choice: Photography with Morah Adiella Shem Tov


Over the last few weeks in photography we been exploring the various compositional techniques that photographers and artists use to create a dynamic and evocative piece of artwork.  We first focused on Center Framing/ Bulls Eye Framing, where the main subject matter is placed in the center of the frame. We then moved onto The Rule of Thirds, where the main subject matter is either placed along the lines of the grid (dividing the frame into ⅓'s) or at a "crash point"- where the grid lines intersect.  This past week we explored the esthetic quality and power of pattern and break in pattern to draw the viewer in.

Please enjoy a few photographs by students in Photography Studio that exemplify these techniques.

Shabbat Shalom!


Middle School Happenings

It was our first full week of school in a while, and it was certainly filled with rich classroom learning and other enriching activities.


The 6th grade Matan bat mitzvah program got off to an amazing start this past Tuesday night. 6th grade girls and their parents had a fun time learning about רבקה, and we even had a bucket brigade! This week, the 6th grade also had a "mock bat mitzvah" so that they could "practice" being respectful guests at smachot--we had speeches, music, simcha dancing, and of course, delicious food!

7th graders had the privilege of hearing from Nurse Esther about her incredible sister, Rebbetzin Henny Machlis, z"l. Rebbetzin Machlis epitomized the true meaning of chesed by welcoming many, many guests to her small home in Jerusalem for Shabbat meals. Her guests included dozens of strangers who were poor, travelling, or did not have a place to go for Shabbat meals. Rebbetzin Machlis, z"l, is a true inspiration to all of us, especially as we have a particular focus on chesed this year.

As Rabbi Krauss mentioned in his Chadashot letter, our Middle School debate team and newspaper group went to City Hall this week to advocate for all of us---to partner with the OU to strongly recommend that the free lunch for all programs includes a kosher option. Thank you to the OU, and to the students who advocated on our behalf.


Finally, we ended our full week with much enthusiasm as celebrated Rosh Chodesh with a chagiga and lunchtime music. After an exhausting but amazing week, we are ready for Shabbat!
!שבת שלום וחודש טוב



Our Kindergarten students have used the recent chagim and parsha to make STEM connections these last few weeks in the ELC. Some of the kindergarten classes have taken an old tradition and turned it into a STEM learning opportunity during the week of Sukkot. Our kindergarten students engaged in the engineering design process as they worked in teams to create the longest paper chain using only one piece of construction paper and glue stick. They designed, created, and then gathered data by measuring the chain length and counting the number of links in their chain. Comparing the chains made by the various groups allowed the students to discuss what strategies worked best and how they could increase the length of their own chain next time. Of course, all of the chains then beautified the classes' Sukkot for the remainder of the week.

In honor of Parshat Noach, students engaged in a STEM activity related to density as they explored various objects and whether or not they sink or float when placed in water. After testing some objects, students were asked to use what they learned to make predictions about whether other objects would sink or float. They saw that not all objects float like Noach's Ark!



Parshat Noach: A New World
By Gavriel Harmetz, 5W


In Parshat Noach, many things that happen in Perek Tet following the Mabul remind us of the events of Perek Alef. It's like a second creation. Noach, his wife, and his son are like Adam and Chava and they are blessed in the same way, with the words Peru U'rvu.


However, there is one big difference: Before the flood, humans were only allowed to eat vegetation. Only after the flood was Noach given permission to eat meat.  

Rabbi Yonatan Grossman explains that before the flood, Adam was like a king over all of the animals. He was put in charge by Hashem to make sure that the whole creation ran well and every creature lived up to its potential.

But Adam sinned and brought all of creation down with him.

After the flood, Noach wasn't the king of the world. He was the smartest of all of the animals, and all of the animals ate each other. That was why he could eat meat. The first thing he did was to give the meat to Hashem by making a Korban. He was showing that he would like to earn the right to bring things back to the way they were before.

Shabbat shalom!


RJC's 3rd Annual Health & Safefy Awareness Day

Sunday, October 22, 10 AM - 2 PM at RJC, 3700 Independence Ave, Riverdale. Featuring FDNY, NYPD, Hatzalah, Aquabilities, furniture anchor safety, car seat safety, and much more! Click here for more info. 


Riverdale Challah Bake
Thursday, October 26, 7:30 PM at RJC, 3700 Independence Ave, Riverdale.

Click here for more information.

To register, please For more information, please contact:  Andrea, Bracha, Gila & Tobey at

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