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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Oct 1
Mon, Oct 2
Tue, Oct 3
AC 5W Visit The Hebrew Home
Sat, Oct 7
Sun, Oct 8
Mon, Oct 9
AC Inflatables for 1-5 Grade
AC 6th Grade Chol Hamoed Trip to Skyzone
Skyzone New Rochelle & YINR
AC 7th Grade Chol Hamoed at SAR HS
SAR High School & YIOZ
AC 8th Grade Chol Hamoed Biking Trip in Central Park
Central Park & Lincoln Square Synagouge
Tue, Oct 10
AC 3N-K Sukkah Hops
Various homes
AC 8th Grade Chesed Day
Various out of school sites
AC 2nd Grade Maritime Aquarium Visit
old 6th grade
AC 7th Grade Chol Hamoed Triip to Cranberry Lake Preserve
Cranberry Lake Preserve & Hebrew Institute of White Plains
AC 6th Grade Chol Hamoed at SAR HS
SAR High School & YIOZ
AC Grades 1-3 Sukkah Hops
People's homes
AC Sinchat Beit Hashoeva
Sukkah on Field, Shul at 8:50
AC Leil Hoshana Rabba Program
JH Areas and Lunchroom
Sat, Oct 14

Calendar & Category Legend:

  • AC: Special Events-Parents & Students
  • HS: Special Events-Parents & Students