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It’s not just what you learn. It’s who you become.

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What Defines SAR

Imagine a school with no walls or barriers,
where every student is unique...welcome to SAR!

Frequently Asked At SAR

What makes our buildings unique?

The open architecture is a reflection of our core values. Open spaces, open hearts, open minds. Don’t believe us? Stop by for a visit!

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What's the BUZZ all about???

The SAR school mascot is a BEE-- for the STING! BEE-part of the STING NATION; BEE all you can BEE at SAR!

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Guess how many chesed projects SAR conducts annually?

Chesed, showing compassion and acting in a socially responsible way, is an important component of an SAR education. We are proud that SAR students engage in over 250 chesed projects each academic year. Join us!

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How does the Law of Return apply to SAR?

SAR has many alumni who have made Aliyah, but we also have many who return to SAR as parents, and as teachers. We always welcome and love alumni visits as well!

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