שבת פרשת תצוה/שבת זכור

Shabbat Parshat Tetzaveh

Shabbat Zachor
Candle Lighting: 5:21
Havdalah: 6:23

ט׳ אדר תשע״ח

9 Adar 5778
February 24, 2018
Issue 20


Dear Parents,


Our thoughts and our tefillot are with the victims and families of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. As a fellow school community, we join in solidarity with them, and we will be working with our older students to think about ways to express our messages of comfort with them. On this Shabbat Zachor, let us all pause to remember those whose lives were cut short, and commit to making our country a place where all, and especially our most vulnerable, are protected and safe.


We look forward to celebrating Purim with our students and families next week, continuing the wonderful minhag of having the megilla read by our middle school students.


Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Binyamin Krauss




Click here for the English version of Daf Yomi: Parshat Tetzaveh
Click here for the Hebrew version of Daf Yomi: Parshat Tetzaveh

מזל טוב



Yonah Abraham (Gr. 7)

Zacharya Abraham (Gr. 7)

Sammy Hershman (Gr. 7)

Kayla Lieberman (Gr. 6)



Miriam Shira Richter on her marriage to Shimshi Fohn. Mazal Tov to parents Sarah and Rabbi Steve Richter and sister Simi (Gr. 7). 

Aliza (and Jake) Goldstein on the birth of a baby girl.

Mazal tov to big brother Max (4N) and big sister Ava (2N).

If you would like a "Mazal tov" listed in the Chadashot for a new baby that is born in your family, please click here.


Adar Kicks Off With Simcha

Adar is in full swing at SAR! We are looking forward to many fun and exciting festivities to celebrate Chodesh Adar. We kicked it off today with Wacky Socks Day, and we look forward to celebrating Purim and Shushan Purim next week. On Sunday, March 4, we are excited to welcome Mordechai Shapiro to SAR for a post-Purim concert. Get your dancing shoes on and sing along for more Adar simcha! Doors open at 11:45.

Next week, we will also hold our 8th annual Power of Words Day. To prepare for this meaningful day, our students are learning different halachot related to shmirat halashon. Please click here if you would like to learn together with your children.

We are excited to celebrate the joy of Purim together at SAR!


Purim is Alive in N5

"Mishenichnas N5 Marbim B'simcha!" Walking past the N5 classroom, one can't help but break out in a big smile upon seeing the children adorned in their Purim garb acting out the megillah! The children have been having a blast dressing up and playing the roles of the different characters in the Purim story. 


The N5 children are also having fun trying out their raashanim when they hear Haman's name! After a ma'agal using plastic containers filled with crayons, pompoms, confetti, and rubber bands, the scientific discoveries about sound were endless. Through exploring sounds the children learned that softer objects make quieter sounds than harder objects. They also discovered that in order to create a sound there has to be space for the objects to hit each other. Once we experimented with different sounds, the children were ready to create their own raashanim. They had a chance to choose from a buffet of different noise makers including beads, paper clips, and buttons. Each container was labeled with a different number, and the children counted out the correct number of the object they wanted to use before putting it into their raashan. We have been practicing our one-to-one correspondence skills and we are improving every day. Our classroom was bit noisy, but the children had a great time trying to achieve the perfect sound!



First Grade is Ready to Mark the 100th Day of School!

Our 100th day of school is next Thursday, March 1, on Purim! First graders will be celebrating on Friday, March 2. Click here to read our "100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Days." There are 50 ways we will celebrate in school, and 50 ways you can celebrate at home with your child! 


Second Grade Chumash Play


On Thursday, 2nd graders celebrated the commencement of their Chumash studies with a Chumash Play. Click here to watch the play! Following the Chumash play festivities, the students were so excited to learn about safrut from Rabbi Barry Dov Katz, a community rabbi and sofer.


A very special thank you to our Chumash Play sponsors:


Yael & Cory ('91) Baker; Ardra & Paul ('85) Belitz; Rebecca Stone & Seth Berkowitz; Tamar & Yehudah Buchweitz; Sheila & Robert Feinerman; Jennifer & Ari Feldman; Abigail ('85) & Ari Glass; Erica & Kenneth Grau; Jan & Andy Groveman; Aaron Hasson; Ruth & Lawrence Kobrin; Rebecca Michelman ('80) & James Kosakow; Sarah Weinberger-Litman & Leib Litman; Michelle & David Levine; Ruth Levine; Stanley Parker; Adeena & David ('90) Rosen; Tina Schnall;
Jennifer & Mark Smith; Dana ('90) & Saul Teplitsky; Rachel & Josh Wald; Ariel Groveman Weiner & Josh Weiner ('92); Linda & Bernie Weiner; Anya & Chaim Wiebke.


A New Semester of After School Activities Kicks Off

Spring semester of after school activities is in full swing! Pictured below is an all time favorite, Aviation, and the new Bricks 4 Kidz, where our students followed a model to build spin art machines. There are still a few openings in these classes. Contact Chavie at


Exploring Forces in Fourth Grade

As part of the new problem-based science curriculum that has been introduced in our 4th grade, students investigated how a new floating train installed in an imaginary town works. In order to investigate the mechanism that allows the floating train to travel from one station to the next, our 4th graders learned about touching and non touching forces, investigated magnetic forces and gravity, discovered attracting and repelling forces, and illustrated how multiple forces can act on one object at the same time. All of these concepts helped the students to understand the relationship between forces. The students now understand how these relationships and different force combinations affect the movement of an object that is being pulled or pushed. The students learned to 

predict whether forces are balanced or unbalanced and can explain why the floating train rises off the tracks, moves forward while floating, and what causes the floating train to fall back on tracks when it arrives at the station.

We look forward to beginning our next problem-based unit which will focus on electricity and energy conversion.


Parshat Tetzaveh
By Charlie Rosen, 5X


This week's Parsha begins with Hashem telling Moshe that Bnei Yisrael should bring olive oil to be used in the mishkan. There, the menorah would be lit with pure olive oil. The Torah tells us that the oil must be שֶׁמֶן זַיִת זָךְ כָּתִית--לַמָּאוֹר. What is pure olive oil? It is made from olives that were crushed only for the purpose of lighting the menorah. Rashi tells us that the Kohanim could only use the first drop of oil

that came from the olive. After the first drop was squeezed out of the olive, the rest of the olive would be used for a different purpose, for example: menachot, gifts to Hashem.

It is interesting to remember that in last week's parsha, Terumah, Bnei Yisrael were told to bring whatever they want. But, this week's parsha, Tetzaveh, begins with a mitzvah that the nation must bring olive oil. Why would everyone be required to bring this item? One answer could be that the entire nation benefits from the light of the menorah. Whenever someone entered the mishkan, the menorah would be shining, give off light, and allow everyone to see clearly.


Congratulations to the following teams on their victories this week:

8th grade boys basketball vs. Kushner: 65-31

6th grade boys basketball vs. Ashar: 51-14







Support Our Troops

The Major Stuart Adam Wolfer Institute (MSAWI) will be hosting two fun family and adult-friendly activities to support our troops. Free of charge; stop by for any amount of time. On Sunday, February 25, 3:30-5:30 PM at YIOZ of North Riverdale, make matzah covers with artist Georganne Garfinkel. On Sunday, March 4, 3:30-5:30 PM at YIOZ of North Riverdale, pack up 100 Kosher for Passover care boxes for American Jewish troops. Click here for more information. 


Mishloach Manot/Matanot L'Evyonim for Jerusalem's Elderly

Torat Reva Yerushalayim will once again be preparing mishloach manot/matanot l'evyonim packages which will be hand delivered to the neglected elderly of Jerusalem. The packages will include healthy snacks, gifts, and Purim treats. The packages that Torat Reva Yerushalayim delivered over the past 13 years to Jerusalem's elderly were the ONLY gift packages that these individuals received. A donation of $18 covers one package, $180 covers packages for an entire floor of a nursing home. To donate, click here. Or mail a check made payable to Torat Reva Yerushalayim, Inc. to 110 Chestnut Ridge Road, Suite 228, Montvale, NJ 07645.


Riverdale Hatzalah Purim Cards

Purim is coming! Send Riverdale Hatzalah mishloach manot cards. Specialized cards are also available for other occasions. Please contact Charlotte Hammerman at (718) 548-0599.


ESF Summer Camp Program Open Houses

ESF Summer Camp, a summer camp program in Riverdale for children ages 3-15, will be holding two open houses: Sunday, March 4, and Sunday, April 22, from 1:00-4:30 PM, at Riverdale Country School, located at 5250 Fieldston Road. Click here for information about ESF Summer Camp.




Riverdale Skywriters Project

Make cards for patients at the MJHS/Zicklin Hospice Residence in Riverdale. Bring or mail cards to The Zicklin Hospice Residence (Atria Building), 3718 Henry Hudson Parkway, 12th floor. Questions: or 

!שבת שלום


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