שבת פרשת משפטים

Shabbat Parshat Mishpatim
Candle Lighting: 4:54
Havdalah: 5:56

כ״ז שבט תשע״ט
 27 Shvat 5779
February 2, 2019
Issue 19


Dear Friends,

Mazal Tov to our second graders for a fabulous and meaningful Mesibat Chumash this week. The excitement of our students as they enter this new stage of learning was an inspiration to all in attendance, and their Ivrit was great! Thank you to the second grade teachers for bringing them to this place with dignity and grace.

We are grateful that we were able to get through the rough weather without much disruption to learning this week. Thank you to our support staff, transportation coordinators, and bus drivers for working hard in the cold.


Our Middle School boys' hockey team had a great season, which ended last night in a close playoff loss to Yavneh Academy. Thanks to our players and coaches for your efforts and congratulations on a successful season.


Shabbat Shalom, 



!מזל טוב



Debby (AC Consultant) and Steven Schloss on the birth of a granddaughter. Mazal Tov to Esti (AC '00) and Adam Palmer, and to big sister Shalva.


Ma'ayan and Ezra Seligsohn on the birth of a baby boy. Mazal Tov to big brother Ronen (4N).


Esther (AC Nurse) and Gary Bacharach on the birth of a granddaughter, Ella Zahava Yitta. Mazal Tov to Moshe and Stephanie Bacharach, and to Aunt Teri Rosengarten (AC Faculty).

If you would like a "Mazal Tov" listed in the Chadashot for a new baby that is born in your family, please click here.


Click here to sponsor a Day of Learning at SAR to commemorate a yahrzeit; learn in the merit of a loved one's refuah shlemah; honor a parent, teacher, leader, or friend; or celebrate a simcha. It is a wonderful way to model by example the value we place in learning and give meaning to our acts of tzedakah. If you have any questions, please contact Sara Hasson at  or at x1300.  




Our #Flashback@50 project involves spending a few minutes each week with our students sharing an artifact, an interview, or some historical background about SAR, giving them a sense of the things that shaped this institution and the philosophy behind some of the things that we do. This week the topic was Anecdotally Told. Click here to read about it. Thank you to Sharon Marson and to the committee of teachers (many of them alumni!) who are working on this meaningful project.



Divine Sparks, SAR Academy's new blog, is a space where faculty and administrators will share their thoughts and ideas about Modern Orthodox education, Jewish living, and every day life in the 21st century.


Please join us on this exciting journey--we would love to hear your comments and thoughts. 

Click here to read our latest blog post by Rabbi Jonathan Skolnick: Silent Participation.



For many years, the Hebrew Home at Riverdale has been partnering with LitWorld, an organization that promotes empowerment through literacy. LitWorld works with a broad coalition of national and international partners to ensure that young people worldwide can experience the joy and transformation of reading, writing, and storytelling.

February 1 is LitWorld's World Read Aloud Day, a day when people all around the globe read aloud together and share stories to advocate for literacy as a human right that belongs to all people. Some of our 4N classes were invited to come to the Hebrew Home on Friday to participate with the residents in celebration of this day. The students were excited as they arrived, ready to hear a Hebrew Home resident read a story. The students heard the books, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See. Then the children also sang Hebrew songs and sang happy birthday to one of our 4N students.



It seems as if Gan Tzavim has started a new tradition! As the smell of our sweet challah permeates the SAR building, all of the bigger kids can't help but comment on how good it smells. Our former students run by our class and reminisce about baking challah when they were four years old, while other children stand there hoping they could taste a piece. Seeing an opportunity to teach kindness, we decided to officially double our batch on Thursday and hand deliver a fresh-baked challah to our older neighbors. The big kids cheer with excitement as they see Gan Tzavim proudly marching through their class.




On Thursday, second graders celebrated the commencement of their Chumash studies with a Chumash Play! The excitement in the air was palpable as students sang, complete with hand motions, and spoke in Hebrew about the Torah. The children's beautiful performance was accompanied by a display of their art projects, each depicting a day of Briat Ha'Olam, and a station where family members could listen to recorded videos of the children describing their day of creation in Hebrew.

On the morning after the Chumash Play, the children were so excited to learn Chumash that teachers found them poring over their new Chumashim, even before tefillah. Thank you to Rabbi Barry Dov Katz, a community rabbi and sofer, who visited us the day after the play to teach us about safrut. We are so excited to begin learning from our new Chumashim every day! Click here to watch the Chumash Play!

Todah Rabbah to the sponsors of the Chumash Play: Ellie & Elly Goldenberg; Jill & Ami Goldfein; Sarah & Yoni (AC '96) Goodman; Amy Michelman (AC '82) & Eliran Isaacson; Jayne & Steve Luger; Yael Schiller Martin (AC '99) & Jonathan Martin; Robyn & Ari Raskas; Shelley & Ira Scharaga; Matthew Schneider & Shifra Landowne; Beth & Kuty Shalev; Adina & Ari Shrage; Jennifer & Seth Sokol; Adina & Aaron Steinberg; Risa & Jeffrey Torkin.



What do this week's parsha and this week's Learning to Look have in common? Surrealism. What is surrealism? Surrealism was a movement in art that began in the 1920s when artists painted strange things on purpose. It was a time when they combined everyday things with very unusual things. Surrealist artists mixed dreams and reality to make new truths in their art.

Our parsha this week is Mishpatim. Here Hashem gives us a lot of mitzvot to follow. Hashem commands us to pray and not to eat milk with meat. This parsha is a bit like a Surrealist masterpiece because the Jewish people's world is being changed and reordered. Do you think if you were alive then that you might have felt like your reality was a bit of a dream?

The Jewish artist Marc Chagall loved making art that looked like dreams. Often in his works the people are floating. Why do you think an artist would choose to paint people from a dream or memory in a topsy turvy way?


The artist Salvador Dali put melting clocks in the the middle of a strange landscape in his piece, The Persistence of Memory. Would you agree that it's unusual?


Toward the conclusion of the parsha, Moshe and Aharon and the 70 elders go up to Mount Sinai to receive the Torah. The Torah says, "and they perceived the God of Israel, and beneath His feet was like the forming of a sapphire brick and like the appearance of the heavens for clarity." Can you imagine how Chagall or Dali would have painted that? Why not try your own Surrealist parsha picture at home?


Keep active during the Super Bowl on Sunday with these fun fitness challenges!




On Wednesday, the SAR debate team traveled to Yavneh for our second debate meet of the year. The resolution was "The United States Should Establish English as its Official Language." Our two pro teams were Levi Cedar-Kellner with Tamar Padwa, and Talia Siegel with Benji Bader, and our two con teams were Eliana Bunim with Richard Grau, and Aaron Back with Ilan Eisenberger. Jack Blumenstein and Boaz Shames traveled as observers. We competed against three 


teams: Yavneh, Westchester Day School, and Kushner. Our four teams prepared well and debated with great poise. Westchester Day School won best school, but Benji Bader won best individual speaker overall, and Tamar Padwa tied for second best speaker overall.


The debate team is excited to welcome three new members: Baruch Kranz, Hannah Berger, and Boaz Shames. Our next debate is on March 28 at Yeshiva of Central Queens.



Although the temperature outside was quite cold this week, spring semester Middle School electives have begun! Some very lucky students will be exploring the intersection between Judaism and science in Gemara Lab with Rav Sam Pearlson. For the first week's activity, the students explored the Friday night prayer, Bameh Madlikin, which discusses what may be used to kindle the Sabbath and holiday lamps. The students tested various oils to see if and how they burned differently to better understand this prayer more deeply. Both Rav Sam and the 


students are excited to see the connections that they will make between the Torah concepts and science throughout the semester!


Our First Lego League Team is conducting research on the conditions necessary to grow algae in the hopes that this simple organism could be used in the future as a staple in a nutritious space travel diet. A few members of our team transferred algae cultures into a nutritional medium this week and placed them in various locations, each with different temperatures. Students will collect data on the rate of growth to determine what conditions would be best to optimize algae reproduction. The students would also like to consider genetic engineering techniques to improve the taste and nutrition of this food. Please help our team reach their goal by filling out this survey which will help us choose which flavoring to work with.

Click here to fill out our survey about algae flavors!





Click here to view the English version of Daf Yomi: Parshat Mishpatim.

Click here to view the Hebrew version of Daf Yomi: Parshat Mishpatim.


Congratulations to the following team on their victory this week:


8th grade boys basketball vs. BPY (Game 1): 44-24


8th grade boys basketball vs. BPY (Game 2): 48-24


7th grade boys basketball vs. Hillel: 48-16





Join Ezer Mitzion in Changing Lives

Ezer Mizion, Israel's largest paramedical organization, serves over 720,000 people annually through multiple programs and services including a a division for special children, a fleet of ambulances, a summer camp for children with cancer, two guest houses located near Israel's major cancer centers, kitchens that prepare over 650,000 hot meals a year for the family of patients in the hospital, hydrotherapy swimming pools, medical equipment loan program, and so much more. Ezer Mizion is perhaps best well known outside of Israel for operating the largest Jewish bone marrow registry in the world facilitating over 30 transplants every single month. To arrange a chesed mission on your next trip to Israel, please contact Ryan Hyman at (718) 853-8400 or


Cabaret Evening Featuring Elon Gold

The Mikvah of New Rochelle's tenth annual fundraiser will take place on Saturday, February 2 at 8:30 PM at the Young Israel of New Rochelle. Men and women are welcome for an exciting cabaret evening featuring actor and comedian Elon Gold. To be included in the Scroll of Honor and to RSVP, please click here. Email with questions. 


Substance Abuse and Addiction: What We Need To Know And What We Should Be Doing Better

Riverdale Jewish Center and Amudim and invite the community for an evening of awareness and education on Saturday, February 2 at 8:00 PM at RJC. Hear speakers Rabbi Menachem Penner, Louis J. Abrams, Rabbi Moshe Drelich, and Rabbi Zvi Gluck. No admission fee or reservations required. For questions, email or


The Golda You Never Knew

Join UJA Interboro Women for a conversation between Francine Klagsbrun, author of the biography Lioness: Golda Meir and the Nation of Israel, and Riverdale's own award-winning broadcast journalist Sasha Salama as they discuss Israel's iconic founding mother. Wednesday, February 6 at 12:00 PM, UJA-Federation of New York, 130 East 59th Street. $75 per person; lunch will be served. All attendees will receive a signed copy of Lioness: Golda Meir and the Nation of Israel. To register, click here. For questions, contact Adrienne Rubin-Prince at or (212) 836-1674.


Mishloach Manot/Matanot L'Evyonim for Jerusalem's Impoverished Elderly

Torat Reva Yerushalayim will once again be preparing Mishloach Manot/Matanot L'Evyonim packages which will be hand delivered to the neglected elderly of Jerusalem. The packages will include healthy snacks, gifts and Purim treats. The packages that Torat Reva Yerushalayim delivered over the past twelve years to Jerusalem's elderly were the ONLY gift packages that these individuals received. A donation of $18 covers one package, $180 covers packages for an entire floor of a nursing home. Click here to donate, or mail a check made payable to Torat Reva Yerushalayim to: 110 Chestnut Ridge Road, Suite 228, Montvale, NJ 07645.


Early Stage Memory Changes Support Group and Education Program

Support groups create a safe and confidential community, giving participants the opportunity to develop informal mutual support and social relationships. This support group educates participants about dementia and helps develop methods and skills to solve problems. If you have been diagnosed with dementia or have concerns related to your memory, join us at the Riverdale YM-YWHA Senior Center for our 8 week series of support, and 4 weeks of education. Support group meets Fridays beginning on March 22, from 10:00-11:30 AM. Click here to view the dates and to register. Door-to-door accessible van transportation to and from The YM-YWHA Senior Center. Lunch provided daily.

!שבת שלום

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