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It’s not just what you learn. It’s who you become.

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THE GRAND CIRCLE is an initiative of SAR Academy built to engage grandparents and the grand generation in
our school. We are including GRANDS in their grandchildren’s, grandnieces’, and grandnephews’ ARTS
classes, after-school workshops, family programs, and sessions just for GRANDS, as well as inviting them to
join a volunteer corps with an array of ways to connect with our community. Coordinating these events are the
Director, Sharon Marson; Liaison, Tamar Eagle; and Gallery Coordinator, Noel Gussen.

Connection is the communal currency of humanity linking one person to another and one generation to the
next. Building this connection between generations allows transmission of values, deepens commitment to
Jewish identity and to family and personal narrative, and fosters fulfillment and meaning in our lives. Our mission
is to facilitate these outcomes through offering multi-generational experiences of learning, exchange of stories,
and innovative hands-on arts experiences between the grand generations. Isn’t it grand!


  • EVENTS- Sunday Brunch & Learn, Gan Ilan Planting & Pinot Evening
  • SCHOOL-TIME- Grand Storytime Circle, Ceramics with Sabim (coming soon), ELC Music, Shira L’Tefila, Shabbat Songs, Enrichment Cluster Day
  • AFTER SCHOOL- STEAM Exploration, Digital Art, Photography, Culinary Arts, Multi Media Middot, Family Photo Maps, Play with Clay
  • POP-UPS- Brown Bag Seminars: Digital Connections 101, Spiritual Sparks
  • EXHIBITS- Artist Gallery Openings: Tobi Kahn, David Moss, Noel Gussen, Lisa Lebofsky
  • GRAND VOLUNTEER CORPS- Volunteer opportunities at the school (Resident Artist, ELC, Art Studio, Business Office, Library)

“Thank you so much for running the Grandparent Storytime program. We are three generations of SAR. My husband went here, my
daughter went here, now my grandchiilden go to SAR. Not only has SAR nurtured each of them, now the school is nurturing me
and is nurturing my relationship with my grandchildren.”
~Malka Spier, SAR Grandparent

“I had my first grandparent reading circle experience today with Niva’s grandparents, Lewis and Gaya Bernstein.The children loved
them, the grandparents had so much nachat and I got to feel the beauty of midor l’dor as the Bernsteins were parents in my class
and now are grandparents in my class!”
~Morah Rena Rossman, ELC Teacher

More events to follow, check back for information.

Pictures of our Storytime readers and their captivated audiences. (Fall, 2019)