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It’s not just what you learn. It’s who you become.

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SAR Academy’s Institute for Excellence-Driven ARTS in Jewish Education
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Mission Statement

ARTS EDJE is committed to nurturing high quality student work in the ARTS, cultivating joyful appreciation for the ARTS, giving children meaningful opportunities to impact community through the ARTS, and believing that we, as educators, can engender students’ enjoyment, engagement, and competency in the ARTS.

ARTS EDJE Institute reflects innovations in an emerging trend of commitment to the ARTS in Jewish Education at SAR Academy. The theme for our seminal conference is: Nurturing Excellence: The role ARTS Education has on developing high quality student work and how to nurture that engagement and commitment to excellence.

We spent the past three years re-envisioning both the experience and delivery of ARTS at SAR Academy, capturing students’ imagination, creating investment, targeting foundational technical and interpretive skills toward innovation, and nurturing high quality student work. During that time we received numerous inquiries from schools and educators as to how to elevate their ARTS programming. In response, we are inviting educators from schools across the country and abroad to join ARTS EDJE Institute to explore and re-imagine how to nurture excellence in the ARTS, to recharge as artists of all kinds, and to create connection with SAR as a resource for future achievement in your communities.

In his work, “Toward Ahavat Hashem: Art and Religious Experience,” Rabbi Brovender asks if there is a place for the serious study of the arts in Jewish education. He answers, “In fact, the study of art(s) may be valuable in developing the religious personality and enabling the student to enter into a dialogue with Heaven. Rambam knew that to develop a sense of wonder and to be able to see G­od’s concern in the world, an opening is needed­­. Art, and its expression is an avenue to achieving Ahavat Hashem in Torah education.”

At ARTS EDJE Institute we will offer diverse approaches to engage with the ARTS through distinct ARTS disciplines, ARTS classes and experiences for your personal inspiration, thought-provoking keynotes, guided time to concretize your work in the ARTS back home, and opportunities to informally network with colleagues across the nation.

Who is this conference for?

School Leaders
Educational Administrators
Directors of Arts Programming
Informal Jewish Educators
Art & Music Educators
Artists & Musicians
General Faculty & Parents Interested in ARTS Education

Where & when will ARTS EDJE Institute be held?

SAR Academy
Riverdale, New York
Sunday, November 11-Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Local housing provided upon request
Local suggestions for hotels available

Fee/Additional Information

Please contact Sharon Marson at for registration fee information

To register for ARTS EDJE, please fill out the form below

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Click here to learn more about the ARTS EDJE leaders, teaching artists and presenters.

For additional information, please contact:

Sharon Marson
Director of the ARTS & Enrichment, SAR Academy