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It’s not just what you learn. It’s who you become.

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Special Projects

Capital Giving

Major or capital gifts and pledges are considered an investment in SAR’s future. These are projects beyond the scope of tuition and the SAR Fund. During a capital campaign, donors are asked to support both the SAR Fund and the capital project. This ensures that the school’s annual operating budget is not compromised and its day-to-day programs can continue to flourish.

Capital campaigns are organized only as needed.
Past campaigns over the last decade plus, include:
- The Campaign for the Building of SAR High School (completed in 2004)
- The Bendheim Challenge Grant to eliminate SAR loans (completed in 2012)
- The SAR Academy Campaign 2017-2018 (ongoing)
- Family Dedication Gallery


SAR’s endowment provides long-term support for the school’s operating budget, ensuring that future generations of students benefit from the excellent education the school offers.

Endowed funds are professionally invested and managed for growth. Up to five percent of the income produced by these funds provides annual support for faculty, financial aid, programs, and our campus. We are grateful to all who support the Endowment and ensure that SAR remains robust and relevant.

2015-2016 Initiative—SAR is participating in the UJA Challenge Grant offering a 33% match on major gifts made to SAR’s Endowment Fund. For details and more information, please contact the Development Office at 718.548.1717 x1256

High School Class Gift

Each year, parents of the graduating class choose and fund a project in honor of their daughters’ and sons’ experiences at SAR High School. This legacy gift is deeply appreciated by the school and serves as a reminder that we should all leave a place, better than how we found it.

2017 Class Gift- Auditorium theater curtain and other auditorium enhancements
2016 Class Gift- New Sound and AV system for the HS Auditorium
2015 Class Gift- HS Lobby Renovation

Alumni Relations

Our alumni community has always been strong, thriving, and passionate about SAR-- so much so that many return to SAR when their children are ready for school. We encourage you to stay in touch and involved through the SAR Alumni Association and to keep your commitment to the school, to Jewish life and learning, active. Volunteering, attending events and adult ed classes and actively participating in our social media channels-- are all ways to remain connected.

Each year, gifts from SAR alumni remain at the heart of our efforts to sustain our school and ensure that SAR continues to invest in its extraordinary students and faculty. Gifts from Alumni are truly the best kind. They reaffirm your connection to SAR and ensure that future generations of students can also enjoy a great educational experience!

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➤ To volunteer or become involved in the activities of the SAR Alumni Association, please email

➤ Join the Alumni conversation taking place on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – where hundreds of alumni are connecting and interacting online. Join these pages, post some pictures, memories and updates to our online community!

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Michael Schreck z"l Memorial Fund

The Michael Schreck Memorial Fund was established in memory of Michael Schreck z”l, late Executive Director of SAR Academy, for the purpose of providing scholarships to SAR graduates intending to spend a year in Israel. In previous years this fund has allowed us to offer scholarships of a few thousand dollars each to students for whom the year in Israel may be beyond financial reach. While small, these scholarships have made a large difference to a handful of students, turning the dream of a year in Israel into a reality.

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JJ Greenberg z"l Memorial Fund

An endowed program at SAR High School, the JJ Greenberg z"l Memorial Fund, was created in memory of this exceptional young Jewish leader and alumnus. The fund supports scholarships and innovative programs at SAR High School.

"Jonathan Joseph ("J.J.") Greenberg was a special human being who is missed by many.

J.J. served as Executive Director of the New York-based Jewish Life Network since its inception in 1995, where he helped develop such landmark programs as Birthright Israel; the Makor center on the Upper West Side of Manhattan; the Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education; Synagogue Transformation and Renewal (STAR); and the Jewish Early Childhood Education Partnership."

-To learn more about JJ’s life and legacy, visit

Make a gift to the SAR JJ Greenberg Memorial Fund

The David Cooper z"l Memorial Fund

The Cooper family established the David Cooper Memorial Fund at SAR to remember David's many acts of chesed in his lifetime. This fund enables us to continue David's legacy of providing support to those in need. It allows us to think of SAR not just as school reaching out to our students but as a community reaching out to our families.

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