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Support the Lotte Bravmann z”l Endowment Fund

Lotte z”l and Ludwig Bravmann have been leaders and philanthropists in the New York Jewish Community for over five decades. Their compassion and embrace of Jewish causes is widely recognized and respected. Over the years their leadership, wisdom, and talent have had a tremendous impact on many institutions-- we are fortunate that SAR Academy/SAR High School continues to be one of their priorities. The Bravmanns are among the original group of founders of SAR, providing their vision and support through the last five decades. Mr. Bravmann has been a longstanding member of the SAR Board of Trustees, is the current Chairman of the Board, and a member of its Executive Committee. His children, Judy and Uri Kaufthal, and Carol and Charles Berlin, are active leaders in the New York Jewish community.

With the establishment of the Lotte Bravmann z”l Endowment Fund, SAR will be able to fund several scholarships in perpetuity. Community members are invited contribute to this Fund. As the value of the Lotte Bravmann z”l Endowment Fund increases, so too does the number of scholarships that will honor the memory of Mrs. Bravmann.

Gifts or pledges to the Lotte Bravmann z”l Endowment Fund can be made by credit card, check, or Donor Advised Fund. You can make your gift or pledge by completing the online form below or by calling Heidi Greenbaum at 718-548-1717 x1256 (

The Bravmann Family will be notified of gifts made in memory of Mrs. Bravmann. These gifts will help fund future SAR scholarships and create financial strength for the next generation of SAR families.