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The SAR Cooper Fund

For over two decades, the Cooper Fund has been an important source of funds for families facing very difficult financial circumstances. The needs run the gamut from camp tuition to tolls, and everything in between. The Cooper Fund does not cover SAR tuition assistance-- though 100% of the families who are helped by the Cooper Fund are also receiving aid from SAR in the form of tuition assistance.

Children from the families helped by the Cooper Fund are all ages, from Early Learning Center students to seniors in HS, and beyond. Their needs vary by age and therefore we have expenditures ranging from psychologist learning evaluations to helping with gap year expenses. Regardless of the age of the children, all families may find themselves in need of help with basic household necessities. These financial situations occur for any number of reasons. The SAR Principals quietly help these families when the need becomes known.

Your support of The SAR Cooper Fund is most appreciated. You can use this form to:

  • submit payment by credit card
  • to tell us about a recommendation to a Donor Advised Fund
  • or to let us know 'the check is in the mail'.

THANK YOU so much for contributing to this effort!

*The Cooper Fund was established to honor the memory of David Cooper and his many acts of chesed. The Fund’s specific goal is to take care of children, families, and faculty members in the SAR community when they are in financial need. The proceeds are distributed in a discreet and modest way, by the SAR Principals.