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It’s not just what you learn. It’s who you become.

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SAR Giving Circle

We are excited to host for our third year -- Grandparent Giving Circles at BOTH the Academy and High School, and we want you to be a part of it!

What is a Giving Circle?
A giving circle pools the intellect and resources of a group of like-minded individuals to make an impact on the world.

This program has been a great success at SAR. The numbers speak for themselves:
➽83 members ➽Over $40,000 in grants made in two years to over 20 projects ➽Gifts ranged in size from $180 - $5000+ ➽ 1450+ children in nursery through 12th grade are benefiting this academic year and years to come.

Through this Giving Circle, grandparents come together, hear from educators, administrators and lay leaders, and with the information gathered from these SAR ambassadors, decide on where Giving Circle contributions should be directed within SAR.

We know grandparents can be great contributors in thought and in tzedakah. A Giving Circle will provide invaluable insight into the school and be a wonderful social way to give and feel connected to your grandchildren.

What drives the Grandparent Giving Circle discussions and decisions?
Together, each member can have a greater impact on the school than anyone could have on their own. Our Grandparent Giving Circle will discuss the aspects of Jewish education that are most important to them, and hear how those values come to life at SAR. As a result of the meetings and the information gathered from the various SAR speakers, the group will then decide where the Grandparent Giving Circle contributions should be invested at SAR.

How does it work, what qualifications do I need to become a member, and what’s the schedule for meeting with school representatives?
-Suggested minimum contribution: $250.
-Qualifications: You must be a grandparent of a current SAR Academy or SAR High School student. We will have separate circles for each division. We hope to have a minimum of ten members in each group. You are welcome to join one or both Giving Circles with gifts to each.
-Meeting Schedule: Meetings at the Academy and High School will begin at 6:30pm and will last no longer than 90 minutes.

We would really like for you to be a part of these Giving Circles. If you or any other SAR grandparent friends would like to participate or have questions —call us at 718-548-1717 (extensions and emails below).

With great excitement about continuing this venture,

Heidi Greenbaum, Director of Development
718-548-1717 x1256
Sara Hasson, Associate Director of Development
718-548-1717 x1300