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SAR Film Fest

On the evening of Monday, April 16th, SAR High School is hosting the Contemporary Issues Film Festival, a festival committed to developing empathy and mutual understanding in our communities. SAR is partnering with The (Dis)honesty Project and LUNAFEST® because of our shared belief that by seeing and discussing exceptional filmmaking, we will achieve more open and honest communication. A microgrant from The Jewish Education Project is funding the festival.

Using film shorts, students in the Literature and Film class will engage the audience about current issues in the Jewish and modern world. These topics include Mental Illness in Film, Easter Eggs in Film, An Analysis of Crime in Film, It's Funny Because it’s True!, Hip Hop X Film, Learning Values from Torah vs. Learning Values from Film and Women in Film.

(Dis)honesty - The Truth About Lies is a feature-length educational documentary that reveals how and why people lie. As will be discussed after the screening, the film connects personal stories, expert opinions and human behavioral experiments.

LUNAFEST® films highlight women as leaders in society, illustrated through nine short films by women filmmakers. The films range from animation to fictional drama, and cover topics such as women’s health, body image, relationships, cultural diversity and breaking barriers. The post-screening discussion will examine connections between the films.

The Contemporary Issues Film Festival is open to the public, so please spread the word about this unique opportunity for student-directed learning.