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How Can I Help My Child Choose?

To help your child explore his or her interests and strengths, you may want to consider the following Venn Diagram and the list of Multiple Intelligences.

We are asking that each child select 3 enrichment learning opportunities in which he or she is interested.

Please fill out the online Student Selection Form for each of your child in Grade 2, by December 18, after which date some Enrichment Clusters will become filled.

Every student is guaranteed a place in one of his or her three selections. If only one selection is made, we cannot guarantee placement in that Enrichment Cluster.

Use this Venn Diagram as a tool to consider your child’s talents (strengths) and interests:


Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smart)

Using language, spoken or written, to make connections and derive meaning. You may like to read, play word games, tell stories, discuss ideas, or learn foreign languages.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (Logic Smart)

Using numbers and reasoning to make sense of information. You may like to play chess, decipher strategy games, brainteasers, or logic puzzles.

Spatial Intelligence (Picture Smart)

Using mental pictures to learn and remember information. You may like puzzles, mazes, creating art, or building models.

Kinesthetic Intelligence (Body Smart)

Using movement to express thoughts and ideas. You may like physical activity, sports, dance, role-playing, acting, or hands-on activities including building things.

Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart)

Understanding and caring about relationships and people and their moods and feelings. You may like group games, working cooperatively in a group, or have the ability to motivate people and communicate well with them.

Intrapersonal Intelligence (Self Smart)

Using thought and reflection to understand information. You may like to be alone, are self-motivated, enjoy your independence, and know yourself very well.

Naturalist Intelligence (Nature/Science Smart)

Understanding natural patterns and cycles to explain how things work in nature and science. You may like to learn about nature, enjoy being outside, or appreciate the environment.

Musical Intelligence (Music Smart)

Using rhythm, musical patterns, tones, sounds, or melody to understand information. You may like to sing, play an instrument, compose songs, remember songs, or are sensitive to noises or sounds, and typically have strong language skills.

Existential Intelligence (Religious Smart)

Some proponents of multiple intelligence theory proposed spiritual or religious intelligence as a possible additional type of intelligence. It certainly reflects our learning community and environment. You may like to learn Torah, think about G-d, pursue dedication to mitzvot, consider the workings of the universe, and make connections between Torah and life.

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