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It’s not just what you learn. It’s who you become.

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Special Programs


In the ELC, children are introduced to Jewish music, the language of the Jewish soul. As youngsters are taught Jewish songs, they learn about rhythm and beat through movement, dance, and games. Children are also exposed to musical instruments and classical music.


Twice a week, our ELC students enjoy a creative movement class designed to develop their physical skills. As the children have fun playing games, they learn about how their bodies move and they gain an awareness of others. They also improve their coordination, flexibility, cardio-respiratory endurance and listening skills.


Once a week, a chess master meets with each kindergarten class. Chess promotes a healthy competition, and helps children improve their concentration and decision-making. Chess also teaches children mind-game strategies and how to plan ahead. Most of all, children learn the lost art of patience.


From the very beginning, our youngest students are exposed to the Hebrew language and immersed in the culture. Through games and songs, children learn to speak and understand Hebrew. With native Israelis as teachers for part of their day, students make strides toward becoming proficient Hebrew speakers.