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It’s not just what you learn. It’s who you become.

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Theme of the Year

2018-19 - SAR Open for 50 Years - SAR Academy

This year marks SAR's 50th anniversary. Over five decades ago, leaders in the Riverdale and Bronx Jewish communities had the vision to combine Salanter Talmud Torah, Akiba Hebrew Academy, and the Riverdale Hebrew Day School into one school to serve the Jewish community and surrounding areas. Throughout that time, SAR has remained steadfast in its mission, values, and commitment to offering an enriching Modern Orthodox Jewish educational experience to our students and their families. We're excited to celebrate this special milestone throughout this school year.

2018-19 - צדק - Righteousness - SAR High School

This year’s theme is “tzedek.”  Literally translated as righteousness, tzedek is the pursuit of justice through systemic and structural reform.  Our theme is founded on the deep belief that creating a just society is a fundamental Torah imperative.  In Beit Midrash classes, on Schoolwide Shabbaton, and in special theme programming, we will be pushing students to focus on their obligation to the broader community and society, exploring areas of our immediate and extended communities in which tzedek continues to be an aspiration, and having our students experience how they can actively make a difference in these areas.  The topics we will cover range from accessibility for physically handicapped individuals to prison reform and city planning.