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It’s not just what you learn. It’s who you become.

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Theme of the Year

2016-17 Yerushalayim at 50 - SAR Academy

At SAR, we pride ourselves on the fact that our school mission includes a firm commitment and connection to Medinat Yisrael. This year’s theme, Yerushalayim at 50, gives us the opportunity to focus on the rich history of our beloved Yerushalayim and to learn how Yerushalayim has shaped Jewish history overall. Although the unification of Yerushalayim was only 50 years ago, we will explore Yerushalayim’s deep history--from the time of Avraham and Yaakov to the days of David haMelech to Shlomo’s building of the Beit Hamikdash all the way through to the unification of Yerushalayim in 1967.

Through the programming about Yerushalayim’s rich history, religious significance, symbolism, and culture, we hope to “bring” Yerushalayim here to our students at SAR throughout the year and for years to come.
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2017-18 - תיקון המדות - Character Improvement - SAR High School

Our school-wide theme for the 5778 year is תיקון המדות - character improvement. In beit midrash classes and through school activities we will encourage self-awareness and challenge ourselves to develop our religious and moral personalities. We will pay particular attention to the traits of ענוה- humility, and חריצות- diligence, as they manifest in our relationships, in our learning, and in our religious lives.